Explained: investing in the TRL Late Bird pre-sale

Many of you are joining the TRL pre-sale to claim TRL tokens at a discount. Since participating in the TRL token pre-sale involves several key steps, we have created this guide to help you on your way. Make sure to follow these steps and claim your TRL tokens at $0,20 before the Late Bird pre-sale round closes or sells out.

The TRL pre-sale is facilitated through a dedicated token sale platform. Investors that have registered their email at triall.io will receive an invitation that includes a link to this platform, where they can KYC and invest using their MetaMask wallet. Before we dive into the details of this process, here’s some key info around our launch.

How to participate in the TRL Late Bird pre-sale?

Here are the 7 key steps towards claiming your TRL tokens:

STEP 1. Register your email at triall.io: In order to get an invite to our token sale platform, you first need to register your email at triall.io.

STEP 2. Install the MetaMask browser plugin: Interacting with our token sale platform is facilitated through MetaMask. Without the MetaMask browser plugin and a MetaMask-competable web browser you will not be able to authenticate and invest.

STEP 3. Visit our token sale platform: After completing step 1, you receive an invite to our token sale platform. Make sure to check your inbox, spam folder and/or promotional folder for the invitation email (titled: Personal invitation to participate in the TRL Retail / Late Bird round 💌).

STEP 4. Connect your MetaMask wallet: Click the ‘connect to wallet’ button in the upper right corner to authenticate.

STEP 5: Complete your KYC verification (±2h): Click the ‘KYC’ button on the left and submit your KYC details and documents. Looking for help? Here’s an overview of some tips and tricks. Please note that it can take up to 2 hours before your verification has been processed. Send a message to @JoostFlach through Telegram if you experience any issues.

STEP 6: Ensure you have enough funds: Before making the purchase, please make sure that your MetaMask wallet contains enough USDT and ETH to complete the purchase and cover transaction fees.

STEP 7: View the Late Bird pre-sale pool: Click the blue button where it says ‘View the Late Bird pre-sale pool’ (see screenshot below).

The Late Bird pre-sale pool can be viewed by clicking the blue button, as shown in this screenshot.

STEP 8: Purchase your TRL tokens: Please note that you’re asked to sign 2 transactions to participate in the TRL presale: (1) an ‘approve’ transaction that approves interaction with the smart contract, and (2) a ‘deposit’ transaction where the USDT is deposited into the smart contract. Both transactions are signed with your MetaMask wallet.

Still left with questions? Feel free to ask around in our Telegram community group chat. Our team, moderators, and community members are there to help you out!